The Mimeograph Library

The mimeograph library consists of digital and physical items. Click on the dropdown menu to see the categories where you’ll be able to access everything I’ve been able to find that has been digitalized.

The physical collection does not circulate at this time, but you may contact me if you’d like to know details about their contents.

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Hi! I have a Heyer Conqueror Stencil Duplicator Mimeo/ Model 1770 that I’d like to sell. It appears to be in great condition. A friend bought it six years ago then left for Europe. It’s of course, very heavy so picking it up locally would be best but I’m sure shipping could be arranged. I have plenty of photographs.

I live in the Cleveland, Ohio area.

I was a service representative for A.B.Dick of Great Britain company from 1964 for twenty five years. I serviced Mimeographs at USAF sites in the UK and three Azograph machines at Firestone factory Brentford.

Hi Michael, it sounds like you have a lot of experience! If you’re interested in sharing your experience and happen to use facebook, I recommend joining the Mimeomania facebook group. We can always use experienced repair folks to advise people who have machines in need of some TLC.

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