Heyer Lettergraph Model 60

This postcard stencil duplicator arrived with its original box (showing its age, though I haven’t been able to pinpoint even the decade in which this was manufactured), and with a small envelope of aged stencils and several paper slips that should’ve been discarded once their stencils were used. Although the stencils are unusable, I appreciate having them because they include the guide holes that allow the stencil to be “installed” correctly. I intend to make use of them to jerry-rig a stencil-holder when I start working with thermal stencils.

Additional materials include two instruction sheets (one side with instructions, the other with a price list.

Instructions accompanying Heyer Model 60
Instructions accompanying the Heyer Lettergraph Model 60
Supplies/price list accompanying Heyer Model 60
Supplies/price list

Additionally, an empty bottle of ink and a nearly-empty bottle of correction fluid were included. The ink and correction fluid were intended to accompany a Print-O-Matic postcard duplicator and carry that brand name.

The main attraction is the duplicator itself, and the registration guide that completes the set. This duplicator is essentially a “stamp pad” with a reservoir for the ink. Its curved surface allows for even inking on the postcard, and the registration guide makes alignment easy. This duplicator has a used ink pad still installed. The reservoir cap seems to be stuck. The varnish on the handle is rough and the wood is quite dry. There is old ink on both the duplicator and the guide.

What’s needed to restore it and make it work

  • exterior cleaning
  • paint touch-up
  • ink-reservoir cap release
  • reservoir cleaning
  • ink pad replacement
  • stencils
  • ink

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I truly appreciate your site. I recently purchased a never used Heyer Lettergraph 60 so I am following along here. For a complete newbie to this type of print, it has been difficult to find out how stencil paper works and how to create a stencil by hand. I watched the Tin Can Wonder video and luckily they explained it. Thanks again for all the wonderful information.

I received my Heyer Lettergraph 60 today. I have taken measurements of the unused ink pad in case I need to sew a new one, I thought you might appreciate this information as well. I have put together some photos and a pattern I can email you if that would be helpful.

Hi Laura,

That would be very nice – might I post your pattern on this site for others? You can send email me at my username @ the name of this blog (all one word, lowercase).

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