The machines (stencil and spirit duplicators, hectograph pads, etc.) comprising the Mimeograph Revival collection. Early comments below reflect the fact that those used to be listed here.

The print projects – in progress

Topical projects (not mimeo related, though they may find their way onto mimeo format)

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The Model 1770 you have and the paper folder look to be from the mid-to-late 1980s to early 1990s. The 1770 is newer than the folder. This style of stencil duplicator was not manufactured by Heyer until the early 1970s, that is why it does not appear in the 1960s catalog that you have. The original Heyer stencil duplicator design was like the Model C or D that you have, known as the Lettergraph. The original Conqueror stencil duplicators from the 1970s had brown cases. They switched to white cases in the 80s. The smooth paper feed wheels on that 1770 may not work very well with today’s papers, you might need to find the serrated rubber feed wheels from a Conqueror spirit duplicator.

Wow, Kevin, you are brimming with know-how and historical clues! I don’t suppose you need an apprentice do you? (or someone to tell mimeo stories to? :D) I don’t know if you could tell, but I’m kind of flying by the seat of my pants here. The 1770 will be the last of my machines to get underway because I’m not yet sure how I’m going to manage the ink situation. I’ll be attempting to dilute Riso ink (as I’ve heard it’s a good alternative…) but I’m wary of screwing up so will probably fish around for confirmation that indeed it’s a good idea.

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