Shifted Visions


A collection of five short stories.

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Not everything is as it appears… and what appears will shift everything.

From a river-shore park in the heat of summer to the stillness of a dense, ancient forest; on an early commute or at the door of a hardscrabble apartment, five striving, committed people find their lives turned upside down when the impossible intrudes on reality.

A bored civil servant tries to spice up the daily grind and accidentally invokes an out-of-practice trickster-god…

An up-and-coming intern’s likely promotion threatens her link with an affirming and mysterious apparition…

A lonely man, consumed by emptiness, meets a miracle-working woman who quotes Mother Goose and requires his most closely guarded secret…

A devout acolyte undertakes her order’s sacred pilgrimage and goes astray into an encounter with the profane…

…each must decide whether or not to trust their senses, and each must make a life-altering choice.

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