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International Duplicators Guild

On April 8, 2021, the International Duplicators Guild held an online meeting:

This live, online forum will serve as part of the ongoing effort to raise awareness of the mimeograph and other pre-digital duplicators and their use in creating zines, prints, posters, chapbooks and other types of art. The name, “Duplicators Guild,” is a playful nod to the confraternal printer’s trade organizations of old, but is not meant to imply any official membership –  only a willingness to engage in friendly conversation over our shared interests. We assert that while our cottage industry may be hyper-local, our networked community is increasingly global.

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The meeting was recorded and is available on YouTube.

Unfortunately, we here at Mimeograph Revival weren’t aware of it and so didn’t get to attend (virtually) in person. According to a comment by the person who uploaded the video, another meeting is in the works.

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