Stencil printing with another obsolete technology

Mimeomania member Jukka Lääti demonstrated what’s possible with a dot matrix printer when combined with a mimeograph stencil sheet (the old kind, wax covered).

Photo courtesy of Jukka Lääti, Facebook.

If you have a facebook account, I recommend the video that was provided with the images here.

Amazing detail and resolution. I’m kinda bummed I didn’t buy a dot matrix printer instead of a fax machine!

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That’s awesome!

I wonder if you could use an off the shelf wax paper for this too? After all, a dot-matrix printer might have enough “oomph” to perforate it and turn it into a usable stencil.

Of course the print won’t be as clean as with a proper mimeo stencil, but it would still be worth a try.

It would be worth a try, and a relatively easy thing to test too (provided one has a dot matrix printer, that is!)… I hope somebody can report back on this.

Shouldn’t that be “Rhinotype” ?? 😀

Using a pin-impact printer to cut the stencil is really creative use of old tech! And wax paper… hmmm. Maybe the thick commercial stuff.

They’re still around (Epson still makes and supports them), but new ones are super-pricey. Very old ones in working condition start at around $50 shipped on eBay. I found a very nice 27-pin printer at a thrift store for the princely sum of five bucks. But for stencil you’d might want a 9-pin.

“Shouldn’t that be “Rhinotype” ?? 😀”


I’ll have to keep an eye out – I feel rather burned out with buying printers and fax machines off ebay :/

(and oops, so sorry this got swallowed in moderation!)

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