Digital Collection – service/instruction manuals

Entries are listed alphabetically by manufacturer.

A. B. Dick


The A. B. Dick Standard Service Book of Instruction, 80 pages (including end pages and flyleaf), unknown date of publication (though there is an endorsement from 1919 just after the title page) is available as a PDF.



This set of documents includes the dealer guide, operating instructions, maintenance guide, parts list, and schematics for the Silver Streak and Golden Streak fluid (spirit) duplicators (ca. 1959). Generously provided by Theodore Munk.


Operating instructions for the Gestetner 260.

Operating instructions for the Gestetner 1120, an electronic stencil imager


Instructions accompanying a Heyer Model 60 Postcard Printer (I guess once you attach the stencil it’s assumed that the rest is self-evident):

Instructions accompanying Heyer Model 60
This item is also part of the physical collection.



The following documents were generously provided by Theodore Munk.

Rex-O-Graph’s parts catalog and price list (no date).

Fluid duplicator instructions (no date).



The following documents were generously provided by Theodore Munk.

Four different parts-list publications:

1. Speed-O-Print dealer’s parts list and service manual.

2. Speed-O-Print parts list no. 14 (1962)

3. Parts list for duplicators, “speed-o-scopes” and cabinets.

4. Speed-O-Print photo copier parts list

A one-page parts price list.

Speed-O-Print Liberator 200 instruction book.

Speed-O-Print Model L instruction book.

Instructions for removing and replacing Speed-O-Print rubber roll assembly.

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