Heyer Conqueror(s)

Heyer Conqueror Mark Six (Model 1770) Stencil Duplicator and Heyer Conqueror Paper Folder, purchased as a “matched pair” for the expedient reason that there’s only one document feed tray shared between the two machines.

Heyer Conqueror Mark Six – a little inky, but before it arrived it was in extremely good condition.
The ink drum was emptied and cleaned and a fresh ink pad installed.
The Conqueror paper folder (not assembled with its various trays).

The 1964 Heyer catalog found in the digital library features the paper folder (bottom image), though the Mark Six is not included here (it does bear a slight resemblance to the spirit duplicator in the top image).

Unfortunately, the duplicator suffered damage during shipping. From what I can tell, as I haven’t sat down with the machine to confirm function, the damage is cosmetic. The box in which it was packed also contained the heavy-duty paper feed trays that gouged into the frame and rubber gasket and bent the aluminum drum cover. The drum stand was also bent – severely enough that I figure that’s what did the majority of the damage to the duplicator.

[Side note: Please for the love of all that is worth preserving, pack old and irreplaceable machines and equipment properly (see the guides for typewriter packing here, here, and here).]

Gouges in the body near the copy counter.
Gouges in the body and rubber “bumper” on the opposite side.
The very dented, bent, and scratched drum cover.
The bent stand. The arm on the left appears to be bent outward, the base is curled upward just below the arm.

What’s needed: I’ll give them both a good cleaning, set up their trays, and see if everything aligns correctly. The gouges are here to stay for the time being, but I’ve got to reshape the drum cover (I may take it to an autobody shop and see if they have any suggestions). I’ll be able to bend the drum stand back into shape. Then, just get some ink, paper, and stencils and it’s time to try them out!

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