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The images in JPG format can be right-clicked and saved for your own use. Some are JPGs (screenshots, essentially) of PDFs I’ve found. In each relevant case, I’ve also included a link so you can download the PDF file. Entries organized by manufacturer and date added to Mimeograph Revival.

A. B. Dick


Images generously donated by Curtis Scaglione.


A. B. Dick paid royalties to Thomas Edison for their use of his name (and some aspects of the technologies he invented). Images generously donated by Curtis Scaglione.



See the library’s manuals section for a collection of Copy-Rite documents, including catalog.


Edison’s Electric Pen No. 1 – held by Greenfield Village (a living-history exhibit affiliated with the Henry Ford Museum).

The most definitive online guide to Edison’s electric pen – from development to sample documents to a parts list, and even including a list of all known extant pens can be found on Bill Burns’ site “Edison’s electric pen.” Very much worth a visit.



The following pages are from the PDF version of the catalog provided below. The PDF also includes a marketing letter sent in 1964.


05/11/2021 Image generously donated by Curtis Scaglione.


1972 Master catalog of mimeo supplies, includes stencils, stationery and postcard blanks, and lettering guides.



Catalog of Rex-O-Graph spirit duplicators, includes sample “dittos.” No date. File generously donated by Theodore Munk.


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